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Non Woven Fabric Making Machine Manufacturer In India

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• APPENDIX 1 (SDI-PP1600S SPECIFICATION TECHNICAL PARAMETER SCOPE OF SUPPLY QTY. 1. Spunbond Part Vacuum Feeder feeding capacity 500kg/h; HH NONWOVENS SET 1.1 1 ; motor power 7.5kw*1; Masterbatch Dosing color matching 1%~5%; HH NONWOVENS SET 1.2 Unit 1 ; motor power 0.75kw(43/1)*3; Screw Extruder model φ135; 30:1; JWELL SET 1.3 transmission motor Siemens AC motor 75kw*1;;; model φ105; 15:1; SET Co-Extruder transmission motor Siemens AC 18.5kw*1; JWELL 1.4 1 ;;; feeding motor 0.55kw(35/1)*1; type screen change SET Melting Filter filtration area 2.5 M2 HH NONWOVENS 1.5 1 ;; heating medium oil heating/ conducting oil;; model 200cc; SET Metering Pump Max. speed HH NONWOVENS 1.6 35RPM; 1 ;; motor power 5.5kw(35/1)*1; material casing pipe; CHANGZHOU 1.7 Spinning Beam heating medium oil heating/ conducting oil; 1 PC; CHENGUANG; temperature Max. heating: 250 ℃ Monomer Suction speed 3000RPM LIYANG SET 1.8 Device 1 ; motor power Siemens/Beide AC 7.5kw*1;;; material precision heat-resistant steel;; size L1910mm*W216mm; (长* CHANGZHOU 1.9 Spinneret) 2 PC; HUIWU APPENDIX 1 (SDI-PP1600S SPECIFICATION hole diameter 45S; hole quantity 10000~11000; model 1600mm; SET Cooling Air Box HH NONWOVENS 1.10 1 ; material 5mm aluminium plate; 5mm铝板 model 1600mm; Upper Stretching Device 1.11 raw material toughened glass; HH NONWOVENS 1 PC; Stainless steel total air flow 12000 m3/h; 12000; model 1600mm; Lower Stretching material toughened glass; HH NONWOVENS PC; Device 1.12 Stainless steel 1 total blowing rate 12000 m3/h; cabinet group qty 4 groups for spunbond SET 1.13 PLC Electric Control HH NONWOVENS 1 ; PLC PLC model Siemens S7-200;; PLC S7-200; 2. Meltblown Part (EXCLUDES,) 3. Fabric Forming Part process speed 9~150m/min PC; 3.1 Web Forming Machine motor power 7.5kw*1 AC Siemens motor HH NONWOVENS 1; thickness 40mm; process speed 9~150m/min; Thermobonded motor power 22kw*1 AC Siemens motor 3.2 GY China 1 PC; Calender roller size L:2000mm;D:420mm; heating method oil heating: SDI-PP1600S SPECIFICATION model 1600mm; 3.3 Tension Frame Device HH NONWOVENS 1 PC; type automatic adjustment;; driving roller 2100mm; motor power AC 5.5kw*1;; Auto Winder Machine PC; 3.4 flatulence axis 3 pcs; HH NONWOVENS 1; wind diameter Max: 1200mm wind weight Max: 550kg; model 1600mm; 3.5 Rolling Back Machine HH NONWOVENS 1 PC; type linkage roll back; motor power AC 5.5kw*1; running speed Max. 200m/min 3.6 Slitter&Cutter driving roller 120mm seamless steel pipe; HH NONWOVENS 1 PC;; 120mm; roller material stainless steel wind diameter Max: 1200mm 4. Heating System type oil heating;; PC; 4.1 Oil Furnance heating target spinning beam and calender; YANCHENG 3 motor power 48kw*3 4.2 Heating Oil Pipeline ------------- ---------------------------- HH NONWOVENS 1 SET; 4.3 Heat insulation material ------------- ---------------------------- HH NONWOVENS 1 SET; 5. Cooling System Chiller/Refrigerating cooling capacity 200000 KCalories*1 SET 5.1 Unit Hanbell/Carrier 1 ; 20 *1; SDI-PP1600S SPECIFICATION cooling capacity 200000 KCalories*1 5.2 Air Conditioning Box 20 *1 HH NONWOVENS 1 PC; total blowing rate 3; 10000~12000m /h; 10000~12000 speed 1450RPM 5.3 Cooling Air Blower motor power Siemens/Beide AC 30kw*1; LIYANG 1 PC;台; total blowing rate 12000 m3/h; 12000; speed 1450RPM Air Suction Blower LIYANG PC; 5.4 1 Siemens/Beide AC motor power 37kw*1pc; total circulating 60T/H water 5.5 Cooling Tower cycling water 25 ℃, 0.2~0.35Mpa; HH NONWOVENS 1 PC; pressure; circulated system made of glassed fiber;; 5.6 Cycling Water Pump motor power 5.5kw*2pc; HH NONWOVENS 2 PC; 个; 5.7 Air Duct shape square方形; HH NONWOVENS 1 SET 5.8 Air Pipeline material 1mm galvanized iron plate HH NONWOVENS 1 SET 1mm 5.9 Water Pipeline material 89mm galvanized pipe HH NONWOVENS 1 SET 89mm 5.10 Cool insulation material cooling target air and water pipeline; HH NONWOVENS 1 SET; 套; 6. Module Preparation Module cleaning target spinneret 6.1 Vacuum calcinator YANCHENG 1 PC; motor power 38kw*1; material thickened stainless steel 材料 imported 6.2 Ultrasonic Cleaner motor power 0.5kw*1; YANZHENG 1 PC; Max. temperature 110 ℃ 7. Other Module size L*W:10.8M*2.05M 7.1 Conveyor Belt 尺寸 长*宽 HH NONWOVENS 2 PC;) SDI-PP1600S SPECIFICATION type seamless; 7.2 Electric Hoist loading capacity 1 T (吨); HH NONWOVENS 1 PC;; 400# H beams H 300# beams 7.3 Steel Platform material 16# channel HH NONWOVENS 1 PC; 80# channel; 200# channel 4mm pattern steel 花纹钢 7.4 Air Compressor motor power 7.5kw*1;1.2MP; Jaguar Taiwan 1 PC;台; 7.5 Inverter SIEMENS-German 1 SET ------------- ---------------------------- ; 7.7 Thermostat ------------- ---------------------------- RKC-JAPAN 1 PC; RKC 个; 7.8 Bearing NSK Japan NSK-JAPAN 日本NSK

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