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Aluminium Food Container Machine

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We are Dealing 45T and 63T Aluminium Foil Container Making Machine With Container Mould and Lid Mould Also Features The machine adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) as the controlling system, it’s reliable. The feeding length, producing speed and other parameter are easily set, this Integration of Gas& Electrical centralized control, automated production. The feeding is controlled by stepper system; the feeding length is accurate And can be adjusted freely from 20m to 999m. The accurate press adopts steel plates joining body, variable frequency speed Regulation, dry type friction clutch-on-off, rigid over-load protector to protect the press. In Short, this is a high accuracy and reliability press 1 Feeding Machine With Lubricated Oil System 1) /Max. material roll diameter: 800mm 2) /Max. material roll width: 700mm 3) /Feeding speed:20-50M/min 4) /Feeding length: 30-999mm 5) /Feeding tolerance: +/-0.3mm 6) /Capacity: 1Kw 7) /Voltage: 380V/220V 8) /Net weight:800kg 9) ( * * )/Dimension: 1270x1250x800mm (L*W*H) 2 45T 45T High Accuracy Pneumatic Press Machine 1) /Pressure: 450KN 2) /Body work plate hole dimension: 300*300mm 3) /Stroke time: 60-100times/min(3600—6000pcs/hour for one cavity mould) 4) /Stroke height: 180mm 5) /Work plate thickness: 50mm 100mm 6) /Max. die Installation height: 390mm 7) /Dimension of slide block bottom, size of handle hole:320*145mm, 18 8) /The distance from the center of slice to the body: 340mm 9) /The height adjustment for die: 80mm 10) /Die handle hole dimension: 50*60mm 11) /Work plate dimension: 750*1000 mm 12) * * /Dimension: 1915*1280*2500mm (L*W*H) 13) /Motor capacity:5.5KW 14) /Net weight: 4800kg 15) /Voltage:3-380v 50Hz 4 /4wires 3 Accessories: 1) /Flowing tubing head pressure type over-load protection 2 /Manual0like slide adjuster 3 /Mechanical mould high display 4 /Slide and mould balancing unit 5 /Revolving cam-operated switch 6 /Crank angle display 7 /Counter 8 /Air source attachment 9 /Two degrees guarantee bond the installment 10 /Service aid and toolbox

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